Nail Services

Hand Treatment $10

Pamper yourself with a 10 minute relaxing hand massage using natures purest organic avocado oil mixed with dōTERRALime essential oil, followed by slipping your hands in warming mitts. Some of the benefits of the lime essential oil include: a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy immune function as well as positively affects the mood while  promoting emotional balance and well-being.

Foot Treatment $15

Relax with our foot treatment that starts with a cleansing of the feet with warm moist towels followed by a 10 minute massage using the same avocado/lime oil treatment as used with the hands.

Classic Manicure $15

Nails are soaked, shaped, and polished. In addition enjoy a 10 minute avocado/lime hand massage with warming hand mitts.

Pedicure $20

Feet are soaked with magnesium and lime essential oil in our pulsating heated foot bath. The magnesium has countless health benefits, a few of them include relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, and drawing toxins from the body. All the while soothing the mind, body, and soul.  A 10 minute massage with our avocado oil then nails are shaped, cleaned, buffed, and polished.

Paraffin Dip $5

The simplest of all the treatments, start with clean hands, then dipping them into warm mango paraffin wax, this awesomeheat therapy treatment is beneficial for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases — the heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles. Paraffin wax can even soften hardened skin and increases the skin’s elasticity.

Just Polish! $5

That’s it, just polish!

We use Vinylux Nail Polish!  Week long wear(honestly)! It is not damaging at all!
It is a fast drying 2 step application

All services include a polish of your choice!